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Getting Started with OPSG


I’m Jared, Creator of Orthotic Prosthetic Study Guide. Wether you are getting ready to sit for board exams or just finished up a residency this page is for you! It contains all the information you need to get you up to speed and walking into your exams confidently!

Getting Certified

Now that you have graduated with a degree and have completed one or both of your residencies, you are ready to sit for your board certification exams. Most likely you will be doing this with the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthotics or ABC for short. For each discipline you will be required to successfully pass two computerized exams and one hands on Practicum exam. The computerized exams will be comprised of:

Written Examination:

Written Simulation Examination:

Clinical Patient Management (CPM):

For each exam you will need to demonstrate a knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, material science, pathologies, and ethical/professional practices.

This is when my search for a great study guide began. I talked to several practitioners and candidates within the field only to discover that many of the test preps were either held in far away locations or cost hundreds of dollars. So I created my own resource. This website was originally used to help me organize course materials from college into meaningful study guides.

Below I have place several links to help you get started studying right away!

  1. Study Now: Helpful posts that quickly reference information you need and useful ways to remember things that just won’t stick. This page is divided in two sections: Orthotics and Prosthetics. Click on your desired link to see information pertaining to only that discipline. This is the most popular page!
  2. Resources: This page provides a list of all the tools and helpful resources I used to help me study for the exam. It includes study techniques, common sites I visited, and links to up to date information about the exams.
  3. Study Guides: Our guides are continually updated to provide you with great crucial information without all the fluff. We provide high quality simple illustrations and formats that will maximize your digestion of material.
  4. Contact: If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed, have questions, or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to work with you.


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