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Manual Muscle Testing

Please do not over think this section. Know how to test everything but especially with gravity presented. Do not over study this material like I did. This section is kept very brief. If you are desiring a detailed over view please utilize your text books. It is wise to go through all of these test with a partner a couple of times along with the above ROM.

First thing first you must understand the MMT grades:

0: No palpable contractions

1: Trace: contraction is felt but without movement

2: Full ROM with gravity eliminated

3: Full ROM with gravity but no external resistance

4:Full ROM with gravity and moderate resistance

5: Full ROM with gravity and maximum resistance

 Gravity Present in this PositionGravity Removed in this PositionTest with Grade 3+
Have Pt. preform motion and maintain position
Hip FlexionSitting with legs hanging over tableSide-lyingApply downward force against distal end of thigh
Hip ExtensionProneSide-lyingPlace downward pressure against distal portion of thigh.
Hip Abduciton/AdducitonSide-lyingSupineProvide force along distal thigh either medial or lateral (opposite of what your testing for).
Hip Internal and External rotationSitting with legs hanging over tableSupine-standing or sittingProvide force on medial/lateral aspect of foot/ankle complex while stabilizing opposite side of knee.
Knee FlexionProne (sitting)Side-lyingApply anterior force against posterior aspect of ankle.
Knee ExtensionSittingSide-lyingApply downward force against ankle and stabilize distal thigh with other hand.
Plantar FelxionStandingSide-lyingApply upward force at distal end of foot while stabilizing leg with other hand.
DorsiflexionSittingSide-lyingApply pressure to dorsum of foot while using you contralateral hand to stabilize leg (hold between calf and ankle).

Remember if you knee to isolate the soleus muscle bend the knee to eliminate the gastroc muscle, as it crosses the knee joint.


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