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Transtibial Socket Pressure


Understanding troubleshooting techniques is crucial both in the real world and for examination purposes. You must know how to properly question a patient in layman terms. If a patient presents with anterior distal redness and you are to find the source of the discoloration you should not immediately answer “an excessively flexed socket is the reason”. Not properly interviewing the patient will cause you to miss some important facts. Continue reading…..

Range of Motion

Measurement Review:

The goniometer will be the tool you will be required to use if asked to measure a patient’s ROM. So lets make sure you understand how to properly use the device before we begin. The goniometer is made up of
an axis (the hinge), a stable arm, and the mobilizing arm. Continue reading…..

2 Strategies That Lead Me To Success!


We all know that studying for an exam can be stressful.

Not to mention a board exam that you have to pay for! We all go through the same routine of working all day, running errands, and then studying. Continue reading…..