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Gait Deviation Analysis

There are several great videos online regarding gait deviations. I would highly recommend watching these videos until you are able to recognize the slightest gait deviation. Below are several common deviations that should be well known and understood by any practitioner.

DeviationPresentationCommon Causes
Drop FootInability to provide sufficient DFCVA, Strokc, MS, weak dorsiflexors
Foot SlapThe foot makes an audible slapping noise as the foot progresses quickly/uncontrolled towards the floorWeak dorsiflexors and or hypotonia
CircumductionLeg swings outward in a circular motionDue to weak hip and knee flexors
Hip HikeExcessive upward rotation of hipCompensating for weakness of hip flexors and knee flexors
Vaulting/High SteppageExcessive knee and hip flexion Commonly associated with lack of proprioception or weak dorsiflexors
TrendelenburgExcessive lateral trunk bending to one sideGluteal medial weakness on the same side of the bend
EquinovarusExcessive plantar flexion and varus. Lacks heel contact at initial contactAssociated with spastic hemiplegia
SupinationExcessively high MLA, genu varum, spastic invertors, weak everters
PronationExcessive medial contact of foot throughout gait. Usually associated with calcaneal valgus and forefoot abduction.Pes planus, s/p charcot event, weak inverters, genu valgum
Inadequate Push OffLack of propulsion at pre-swing into initial swingWeak plantar flexors, pain of forefoot, poor range of motion

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